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Please Help Chantelle Bite Back and Beat Lyme Disease 

Please Help Chantelle Beat Lyme Disease... 

Chantelle Lewis

Chantelle is 30, and has been battling Chronic Lyme Disease and co-infections for over 2 years. Left undiagnosed for 14 months multiple tick-borne infections diseminated through her body and she is now in constant pain and house-bound.

Through her supportive network of family and friends, some amazing fundraising and very generous people, Chantelle was travelled to California a specialised clinic for 4 months of intensive medical treatment.

Chantelle made noticeable progress, however, despite many signs of improvement the past year and on-going oral antibioitcs and herbal supplements, progress has plateaued. This latest fundraiser will allow Chantelle to return to the clinic for a vital 'round 2' of medical treatment.

Chantelle has already spent £30,000+ on tests, self-funded treatments and her first trip to the US clinic. This fundraiser will allow Chantelle to return to the clinic for 'round 2' of her medical treatment, which is vital to her recovery.Chantelle though is determined to fight this disease and with the help of donations and the Lyme literate US doctors, she has a great chance and hope of remission.

"Thank you so much for supporting me on
this journey, it is really appreciated.
There will be life beyond Lyme Disease
and I will be sure to discover it...
'If you keep hope alive, it will keep you alive'.

Chantelle Lewis